Joseph Milne

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Joseph Milne was born in Liverpool in 1946 and now lives in Kent. He originally studied music but later turned to theology and won a British Academy award for his PhD research in theological anthropology. He taught for many years on the renowned MA in the Study of Religion and Mystical Experience at the University of Kent. He now gives much of his time to The Temenos Academy, The Eckhart Society, and The Henry George Foundation.

His main interests are Greek philosophy of nature, medieval Christian mysticism, Shakespeare and renaissance Christian Platonism. In modern philosophy he is interested in the hermeneutics of Paul Ricoeur and the ontology of Martin Heidegger.

Currently he is writing a book on Natural Law, based on new research into the Greek and medieval understanding of Nature and the place of man and society within the cosmic order. This represents a serious philosophical and theological challenge to the prevailing nihilistic materialism.